A three week trip to Australia in November 2019 brought a dilemma. We'd signed up to compete in a middle-distance triathlon. With wetsuits, bikes, trainers, helmets, etc. luggage was tight. It was also a "holiday" and so my compromise was to take just my Fujifilm X100T. Whilst I took hundreds of photographs, there was just one shot I really wanted. An abstract of the Opera House in Sydney. It was the first time I've ever travelled with a clear vision of a photograph I wanted to take. It had to capture the curves and the tiles...details which are often overlooked when admiring the Opera House in its exceptional setting. A slow walk around Sydney Harbour the day after race day gave me the perfect opportunity to shoot. The fixed lens of the X100 forced me to move around the Opera House, finding new curves and details I'd never noticed. I came away with exactly what I'd imaged!