Way back in February 2020 myself and some fellow camera club members booked to spend the day with Damien Demolder, a well-renowned street photographer. But then the pandemic hit and our date for July was moved. And then moved again. And then again. But persistence paid off and finally in August 2021, we hit the streets of Cambridge. I love street photography and a lot of my images can fall into that genre. But I’ve never had any tuition and what I’ve produced so far has very much been more luck than judgment. Was the day with Damien time and money well-spent? Yes! I loved it. I loved being out with the camera. I loved Damien’s relaxed and good humoured style. And I loved what I got. Not all of them of course, but there were enough shots taken that feel more conscious than before so I’ll take that as a win. Thank you, Damien!
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